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The Mortgage Leads Network is a leading on-line mortgage leads marketplace for mortgage lenders and borrowers since 1998.  Call (888) 589-1837 for more info.  Sign up for a free member account.

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See the leads before you buy them, set a real time flow, buy vintage leads.  Mortgage Leads, Credit Repair Leads and Foreclosure Leads. Register for free and get free leads. Enter

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Set up your call profile to deliver inbound calls for mortgage, credit repair and foreclosure.

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When a consumer fills in a form at our mortgage lead generation website and the data submitted matches your advanced call filter, your name and company name is displayed with a phone number.  If the prospect calls,  then you are charged for the lead.

Set the days and times you want the calls to ring in and start taking calls today.  No minimum. (you must maintain at least $50 in your account to receive live calls.)

Try our new Enhanced Call Delivery Service and ring up to 4 phones simultaneously.

Click here to set up your custom advanced call filter.Or watch this video on how to set up live mortgage calls for loan officers.


How do you get your leads?
We use pay-per-click advertising exclusively to populate our mortgage leads database.
Are there any monthly fees?
Is there a minimum order?

No, but the minimum credit card deposit is $50
How long does it take to start getting mortgage leads?
Just a few minutes.
Are the leads exclusive?
The leads can be exclusive mortgage leads or non exclusive.  You decide.
What's the return policy?
We don't expect you to pay for wrong phone numbers, if you get one that is less than 30 days old and you bought it within the last three business days, just email it back to the address you got it from and we will credit your account.
What info is on a mortgage lead?
Here is a sample lead

"Just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your service. Months ago we spent $2000 for 60 "pre-qualified" leads from a telemarketing company we thought was reputable. We closed one small loan out of those 60 leads..the rest were horrible. We didn't even make back our initial investment in the one deal that did close! We have purchased other leads from other companies, but most companies require such a large investment and the leads never turn out to be as good as the company claims they will be. Then we tried MortgageLeads.net......and WOW!!! What a difference! We only order $100 at a time (5 "real-time" leads) because the leads are so good we end up getting at least 4 applications and closing 2-3 loans out of every 5 leads we purchase. We spent $100 on leads last month and closed 2 loans that made us a profit of over $7000!!! That's the best closing ratio I have ever seen! We get your real time leads that come immediately over our fax machine. Our brokers call the leads immediately and the client is always surprised at how fast the response is. They are eager and ready to do business. It's absolutly wonderful. We will be your customer for life...why would anyone buy leads from somewhere else?! Thanks to Mortgageleads.net, we're going to see our best year financially yet!! Thanks!"
Lonnie & Rachel Embry
Owners, Canon Mortgage

"I looked at a competitor and almost spent $1000...needless to say, I was skeptical (and frugal) so I listened to another MLN clients' advice and gave your company a try. WHAT A DEAL !!! I have invested approximately $400 to date and have yielded over $10,000 in income with other closings pending for another $7000. I would HIGHLY recommend your service to any Veteran or "Rookie" in the business that needs a jump start. The fact that you can get instant leads or cherry pick from an existing data base is invaluable to persons such as myself.
Who wouldn't spend $400 for a return of more than $17,000 plus???
Mark Chaney

"Your service has been WONDERFUL for us! I really appreciate the high
quality of the leads that I receive from you. I credit Mortgageleads.net with being one of the tools that has helped grow my business from a home-based business into a large mortgage company in under 2 years.  
Your return policy is very fair, your follow-up timely and the value of your service priceless.
Thank you for achieving a business of such a fine quality.

Jeremy James Deysach - CEO
National Independence Mortgage Corporation
Minneapolis, MN

"I am very happy with the leads I have received so far. I have been spending well over $2000.00 per month elsewhere doing direct marketing and my return on investment isn't nearly as good as the prospects I am receiving from you. I was hesitant at first so I only invested $100 to start but I know I am going to start directing a majority of my advertising expense to you. I am also very impressed with your return policy, my mailing list providers could learn something from you. Thank You!"
- Mike Kelly,
EFC, Brownstown, MI.

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